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Seat-belt Escape Tool

Quick and Safe Release of Seat Belt in Emergency Situations

Safebly's patented system ensures a quick and safe release of the seat belt in an emergency, providing users with a complete toolset to help them escape from the vehicle and help passengers.


Two Available Versions: 

Safebly: Designed for use with existing vehicles. Easily installs with no modifications necessary, allowing the seat belt to be used as normal.

Safebly One is specifically designed for factory installation. The system replaces the seat belt tongue with our patented Safebly tongue. By incorporating Safebly, vehicle manufacturers can enhance the safety features of their vehicles with an additional layer of protection.

Cómo fuciona


Rotate, Disengage, and Free Yourself!

Safebly consists of three main components: a retention device, an extender bracket, and a safety latch hammer. These elements are integrated into the seat belt buckle to ensure the effective functioning of the device.


The system is secured with a seal during installation, preventing unintended release of the hammer and ensuring traceability of each unit installed.

In case of emergency, grab the hammer!

In an emergency the user rotates the hammer, breaking the seal and releasing the retention device, immediately releasing the seat belt. This way, the user is free to exit the vehicle and assist other passengers. Safebly provides users the reassurance of having an effective and reliable system to escape from an accident.

Complete Escape Tool Set

Safebly provides users with a glass-breaking hammer, allowing for escape through the windows if the doors won’t open. Moreover, the built-in emergency blade can be used to cut the seat belts of trapped passengers.

Easy Installation without Car Modifications

Safebly can be seamlessly integrated into the seat belt system without requiring any modifications. Users can continue using the seat belt as usual, with the added confidence of having a quick-release system in case of emergency.

Safely One

The Choice for Vehicle Manufacturers

Automobile manufacturers can integrate Safebly into their mass produced vehicles simply by replacing the seat belt tongue with our patented Safebly one tongue.


By opting for Safebly One, manufacturers can enhance the vehicle's safety system by adding an extra layer of protection. This gives buyers the advantage of having a fast and reliable release mechanism right from purchase.


On Safebly One, the seat belt tongue extender and hammer are seamlessly integrated and securely fastened using a safety seal.


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Safebly has an up-to-date global patent. The commercialization rights are available for businesses or licensing. We offer a great opportunity for investors and businesses in search of new markets with innovative products.


If you are interested in obtaining more detailed information about exploitation and distribution rights, contact us through the form or write to

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